How You Can Help

Attend our Meetings

Farm in the New Meadows

The New Meadows Watershed Partnership's steering committee meets on a bi-monthly basis.  Meetings are open to the public and are held at rotating locations throughout the watershed.  For information on upcoming meetings, please contact us.

Do Your Part to Protect Water Quality

You can help protect water quality in the New Meadows (or wherever you live!) by practicing good conservation practices in your home and yard.  Visit the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District's website for conservation practice fact sheets on topics ranging from building a rain barrel to choosing native plants.  Other ways to protect water quality include:

BayScaping: Developed by Friends of Casco Bay, BayScaping is a six-step method of ecological landscaping designed to help homeowners grow healthy yards and protect water quality.  BayScapers learn how to properly care for their soil, choose site-appropriate plants, and use alternatives to fertilizers and toxic pesticides.  Learn more about BayScaping.

Maintaining your Septic System: Septic systems should be pumped out every three years.  For information on maintaining your septic system, visit the Septic Yellow Pages.


Friends of Casco Bay's Citizen Stewards Water Quality Monitoring Program trains and deploys volunteers to gather water samples all around Casco Bay, including in the New Meadows -- learn how you can become a Citizen Steward!  For other volunteer opportunities with the NMWP, please contact us.


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To learn more about NMWP and how you can get involved, please attend one of our upcoming meetings or contact us.