Welcome to New Meadows Watershed Partnership

The New Meadows Watershed Partnership (NMWP) is a coalition of citizens, nonprofit organizations, and municipal, state, and federal officials concerned with the health of the New Meadows River.  Founded in 1999, the NMWP's mission is to protect, improve and maintain the vitality of the ecological and economic resources of the New Meadows River and its watershed.

New Meadows WatershedAbout the New Meadows River

The New Meadows River is located in the northeastern corner of Casco Bay in Maine.  Its 23 square mile watershed stretches across five municipalities: Bath to the north, Brunswick and Harpswell to the west, and West Bath and Phippsburg to the east. 

The watershed contains a wide range of coastal and upland habitats, which support diverse plant and animal species.  Long valued for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and productive shellfishery, the New Meadows is an invaluable resource to all those who live, work, and play in the watershed.

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Our Goals


The New Meadows Watershed Partnership seeks to protect the health and vitality of the New Meadows by working to:

  • Eliminate or reduce existing sources of polluted runoff, and prevent future problems from occurring throughout the watershed.
  • Improve productivity of shellfish harvests by eliminating pollution sources, including overboard discharges, pursuing reclassification of shellfish harvesting areas from closed to open, and promoting improved management practices.
  • Conduct research and monitoring to better understand the ecological and economic dynamics of the New Meadows River Watershed ecosystem.
  • Protect, restore, and improve habitat function and values, and minimize impacts.  Work with partners to prioritize future protection and restoration efforts.
  • Explore tidal restriction restoration.
  • Broaden public awareness of the New Meadows River, its watershed, and the New Meadows Watershed Partnership.  Expand involvement in the Partnership.
  • Implement the New Meadows River Watershed Management Plan.